Avize (zip code 51190) is a small commune in France, in the Champagne region Côte des Blancs. The commune consists of 1,763 inhabitants (as of 2016). Geographically, Avize is placed about 10 km southeast of Épernay. While the origins of Avize lie in early times, so the economic boom and later prosperity, came with the development of the process of making champagne.

Avize is among the 17 places that hold the status of Champagne classification, as Grand Cru place. The area under cultivation is 269.5 hectares (as of 2019) and is entirely cultivated with Chardonnay. The vineyards of Avize are distributed around the commune. They are oriented towards the east, and range in altitude from 110 to 210 meters. The higher vineyards, located west of Ambonnay, are among the best sites of Avize. The grapes yield classic Chardonnay wines of outstanding quality. Grapes from Avize's best sites regularly vie with those from neighboring Cramant and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger for richness of finesse, complexity and the wines with the finest bouquet. These are skirmishes at the highest level, because all three Grand Cru communes produce wines of exceptional quality.