Beaumont-sur-Vesle (postcode 51360) is a small commune in France, in which Champagne Region Montagne de Rheims. The commune consists of 800 inhabitants (as of 2016). It is located about 13 km southeast of Reims. The commune carries the status of Champagne classification, as a Grand Cru place. The vineyards of Beaumont-sur-Vesle are mainly limited to two vineyards, with a total planted area of 27.4 hectares (as of 2016). 2019). The Pinot Noir grape variety is found first and foremost. The Pinot Noir vine accounts for 22.9 hectares. Only 0.3 hectares of vineyards are planted with the Pinot Meunier grape variety and 4.2 hectares with Chardonnay.

Beaumont-sur-Vesle owes its Grand Cru status less to the quality of its grapes than to its proximity to the famous neighbouring communes of Verzenay and Verzy. The vineyards are located in the extension of those of Verzenay. However, they are not on a slope, but flat and unprotected. The Grand Cru status of Beaumont-sur-Vesle is certainly not justified.