Bisseuil (postcode 51150), is a small commune with 637 inhabitants (as of 2016). The village is located in France, in the Champagne Region Montagne de Reims, about 10 km east of Épernaybetween the communes of Mareuil-sur-Ay to the west and Tours-sur-Marne to the east. Bisseuil carries the status of Champagne classification, as a Premier Cru place. The grapes of Bisseuil are very high quality. The commune is rated 95%. The vineyards amount to 123 hectares (as of 2019), with 82 hectares of Chardonnay, 34 hectares of Pinot Noir and 7 hectares of Pinot Meunier. The vineyards of Besseuil are located outside the village, at an altitude of 160m. The vineyards are on the southern slopes of the Mont Aigu hill. Mont Aigu forms the eastern side of the Val-d'Or.

The settlement of the region around Bisseuil can be traced back very far. Traces of a settlement can already be dated to the end of the Neolithic period. Traces of early dwellings were found during excavations. Since the 16th century, Bisseuil, north of the Marne, has existed as a fortified village, with towers and fortified gates to the north and south, and fortified ditches planted with willows. In the middle of the 18th century (1754 and 1768), Bisseuil was almost completely destroyed by two fires, but was immediately rebuilt according to existing plans.