Écueil (postcode 51500) is a small municipality with 303 inhabitants (as at 2016), in France, in the Champagne Region Montagne de Rheims. The village is located about 7 km southwest of Reims, on the northern slopes of the Montagne de Reims. Écueil carries the status of Champagne classification, as a Premier Cru locality. The commune's grapes are rated 90%. Écueil's vineyards face primarily east to northeast. The vineyards surround the village and extend up to the forest edge of the Montagne de Reims. They are situated at an altitude of between 180 and 220 metres. The vineyards cover 129 hectares. 121 hectares are planted with Pinot Noir, 4 hectares with Pinot Meunier and 4 hectares with Chardonnay. The style of the wines is dominated by the Pinot Noir grape. They are full-bodied and powerful. The quality corresponds to the rating.