Champagne lids, capsules, plaque & Muselets

The invention of the champagne cap, or champagne capsule, dates back to Adolphe Jacquesson in 1844.

The actual purpose of these small 'metal caps' is to prevent the wire from cutting into the cork. However, these champagne capsules are also perfectly suitable for images of logos, graphics, coats of arms and lettering of the different houses. At times, there are even capsules with the image of a winemaker himself. The beauty and enormous variety of these capsules has inspired many collectors for a long time. For some collectors it is now considered a very serious hobbyhorse. Some capsules are considered very rare and valuable. Lovers of this matter are called placomusophilistes (placomusophilists). The science itself is called placomusophilia.

Unlike stamps, for example, small collections of these capsules can also be wonderfully framed and displayed at home.