Butte de Saran

The Butte de Saran is an elevation in France, in the Champagne region Côte des Blancs, located between the communes of Chouilly and Oiry, to the north, Cuis to the west and Cramant to the south. Perched on the hill of the Butte de Saran is the Château de Saran. The lands around the Château were acquired by Jean-Remy Moët in 1801 and are owned by the Moët & Chandon Champagne House. In 1846, Jean-Remy Moët's son, Victor Moët, built the Château de Saran on the Butte de Saran. On the slopes of the Butte de Saran are vineyards of Oiry, Chouilly and Cramant.