Arbane (Arbane B) is a white wine grape variety. For a long time, this exceptional vine has played almost only a historical role. Only a few hectares of vineyards cultivated with Arbane remain. This noble grape variety has its origin in the southern Champagne and is grown only here. It is very demanding. Even if the importance in the Champagne hardly plays a role any more, it has the potential to be unique. Champagne to bring forth.

Just three vintners are left who produce a single-varietal champagne from the Arbane grape variety. Among them, there is the Noel Leblond-Lenoir family of vintners. Champagne Noel Leblond-Lenoir cultivates a small vineyard with Arbane. From the grapes of this vineyard a winemaker champagne is created to 100% from Arbane, the champagne Cuvée Arbane. The annual production of the Cuvée Arbane Champagne is a maximum of 600 bottles.