The small French commune of Avenay (postcode 51160) is situated in the Champagne Region Montagne de Reims and has 1,019 inhabitants (as of 2016). Avenay is located about 8 km northeast of Épernay. The commune holds the status of Champagne classification, as Premier Cru place, with 93%. The vineyards are distributed very differently. The best sites are equal to the neighboring Grand Cru sites, some are even above in quality. The vineyards are located at an altitude of between 140 and 180 metres. Only a few vineyards with a more northerly orientation cannot keep up the standard.

The vineyards cover 236 hectares (as of 2019). 183 hectares are devoted to the Pinot Noir vine, 24 hectares to Pinot Meunier and 28 hectares to Chardonnay.