Étréchy (postcode 51130) is a small commune with 107 inhabitants (as at 2016), in France, in the Champagne Côte des Blancs region. The village is located about 30 km south of Épernay5 km west of Bergères-lès-Vertus, at the southern end of the Côte des Blancs. Étréchy carries the status of Champagne classification, as a Premier Cru place. Premier Cru status includes only the white grapes. The white grapes in the commune are rated at 90%, while the black grapes are rated at 87%. The vineyards are located northwest, one kilometer outside the village, on a gentle rise, oriented to the southwest. They are at an altitude of between 170 and 180 metres. The vineyards cover only 9.6 hectares and are entirely planted with the Chardonnay variety. Both in terms of style and quantity, the wines are hardly noteworthy. The quality corresponds to the rating.