Jouy-lès-Rheims (postcode 51390) is a small commune in France, in the Champagne Region Montagne de Reims, 8 km southwest of Reims. The village of Jouy-lès-Reims has only 215 inhabitants (as of 2016), but carries the Champagne classification status as a Premier Cru village, rated 90%. Jouy-lès-Reims has only held Premier Cru status since 1985, with the last change to the Èchelle des Crus. Until 1985, the commune was rated 89%. The beautifully situated vineyards of the commune, are south facing slopes. The upgrade to Premier Cru status was overdue. The south facing slopes are above 100m, up to 200m. The vineyards cover a total of 95.4 hectares (as of 2019), of which 50.5 hectares are planted with Pinot Meunier, 29.5 hectares with Pinot Noir, 14.3 hectares with Chardonnay and 1.1 hectares with the almost exclusively historic grape variety Petit Meslier.